Restore oral health and improve your aesthetic look with dentures

Dentures are widely regarded as one of the most popular tooth replacement options, and are a viable option for people looking to regain confidence, improve speech, and eat a variety of foods again.

Types of dentures

Our dentures are custom made and tailored for each individual – we work with the latest digital technology, advanced impression, and processing techniques to guarantee a comfortable and perfect fit.

We offer a comprehensive selection of dentures at Chinchilla Dental:

• Partial dentures
• Removeable dentures
• Immediate dentures
• Full dentures

Contact our friendly and experienced team at to discuss what options are right for you.

The denture process

Organising new dentures takes time, and usually a number of appointments over a period – the steps to perfect dentures can look like:

1. Initial consultation
2. Second impression in custom trays with tooth selection
3. Alignment of jaw position
4. The insertion of a wax version of the new denture giving you look and feel
5. The final denture is fitted
6. Adjustment appointments for 8 weeks if necessary

Discuss your denture options with one of our dental practitioners and achieve the strong, beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted.