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Starting your child with early dental care will help give them a happy and healthy smile for life.

When should children visit the dentist?

We recommend that you first bring your children to the dentist when their first tooth erupts or at 12 months old and preferably before the age of two. After this initial appointment, it’s important to bring your child for regular dental check-ups and clean every six months to ensure they grow up with a happy, healthy smile.

Why is early dental care important?

Kids who have regular check-ups tend to be more comfortable visiting the dentist and have fewer dental problems.

Not just that, early dental intervention allows your family dentist to closely monitor your child’s growth and development and therefore:

– Ensure your child’s mouth is properly growing and developing
– Detect issues such as tooth decay early on and act sooner
– Helps promote great oral hygiene to your child
– Allows your child to feel more comfortable at the dentist
– Your child will get fluoride treatments to help protect their teeth

How to keep your child’s teeth healthy and clean

When you child is young, it’s important to clean their teeth for them right up until about the age of seven to eight years old. It’s important to make sure to brush their teeth every morning and night.

Our tips to keeping your child’s mouth healthy:

– Healthy nutritious diet with enough vegetables and fruits
– Maintain six-monthly dental appointments
– Avoid giving them too many sugary and acidic snacks
– Make sure they drink enough water (tap water contains fluoride which protects teeth)
– Regular checks of your child’s mouth for any issues

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