Teeth Whitening

The simplest form of cosmetic treatment that can make a huge difference

Due to a range of different lifestyle reasons and bad habits, your teeth can become discoloured. Many people who experience staining and discolouration probably won’t like it, but luckily there are options available – such as teeth whitening.

Why should you get teeth whitening?

It’s the simplest cosmetic procedure which can make a major difference to your smile by whitening your teeth up to multiple shades whiter, which brightens your overall smile!

Can anyone get teeth whitening?

No, unfortunately teeth whitening is not effective for everyone. The reason why your teeth are discoloured is important because stains and extrinsic discoloration can be treated. However, intrinsic discoloration and the yellow dentin showing through cannot be whitened.

If you have discoloured teeth due to a lack of thick enamel, a disease, ageing or another similar issue, it may not be effective for you. However, it’s best to speak to the Chinchilla Dental team to see if you would be suitable for teeth whitening.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening can be done in the dental chair, or as a take home kit. Both options are great, however in-chair teeth whitening is highly effective for instant results in 1 to 3 hours.

It works by having a whitening bleaching agent applied to your teeths surface, followed by a special light which activates the bleaching agent – removing the stains and discolouration on the surface of your teeth.

Take home teeth whitening works by putting the bleaching agent into custom trays that fit over your teeth. The tray must be worn for a few hours per day, for about two to three weeks to achieve optimal results.

Our dentists at Chinchilla Dental will provide you with full instructions on how teeth whitening works and what to do.

Sensitivity from teeth whitening?

Everyone’s teeth respond to teeth whitening differently, which means sensitivity may be a minor side effect for some patients. However, any sensitivity caused by professional teeth whitening will dissipate within hours, if not one day.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is completely safe when it’s done by a dentist. The dentist will ensure none of the bleaching agents come into contact with your gum tissue to avoid burns or other pain.

What sort of things make teeth become discoloured?

• Certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, wines, and sauces etc.
• Smoking or chewing tobacco discolours teeth
• Failing to maintain good oral health
• Certain medications can discolour teeth
• Injury or trauma may change enamel formation
• Aging slowly deteriorates the enamel layer making the yellow dentin show through
• People may genetically have more or less enamel which can expose the yellow dentin
• Overexposure to fluoride can cause fluorosis, causing white spots

Teeth Whitening at Chinchilla Dental Practice

Our experienced dental team will be able to decide if you are suitable for teeth whitening treatment or not.

So, if you would like to book in for an appointment to ask about teeth whitening, then it’s best to get in touch or call the team at Chinchilla Dental on (07) 4662 8311 if you are in the area!