Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a wide variety of treatment options but when you get down to the basics, it means improving the appearance of your smile.

It may involve some of the following procedures:

Many factors can detract from the appearance of your smile:

  • The shape of the teeth: Length or width.
  • Colour: External staining from food and drink, non-vital teeth or in some cases or the inherent natural colour. See our whitening information.
  • Excessive spacing or crowding.
  • Existing fillings.
  • Existing dentures.
  • Missing teeth.
  • The health of the gums: Are they receding, red, swollen or bleeding.
  • The thickness of the lips.
  • The amount of ‘gum’ showing when you smile. This can be modified using ‘crown-lengthening’ procedures or even through regular botox injections (not available at CDP) to relax the upper lip when smiling. For both these procedures we would refer you to a specialist in this area.

A Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation:

At a cosmetic dentistry consultation at CDP we discuss what is bothering you about your smile, then after examining your mouth we will give you our opinion on what we feel could be improved. Together, we can then discuss what the options are, prioritise what you would like done and the costs and appointments required to achieve those goals.

We also examine your mouth to ensure that it is first and foremost healthy. Some of the factors which may be making the teeth look unattractive may be related to the health of the teeth such as decay and gum disease. Therefore the health of the teeth must be assessed as a starting point.

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