Working together for the best outcome

To achieve the best outcome patients and dental professionals must work together!

The call has been made, the appointment booked, now you have been ushered into the treatment room and into the dental chair by one of our lovely DA’s here at CDP. She introduces herself, explains the plan of action for today, pops the bib on and gives you the wonderful, ‘fashionista’ dark patient glasses to wear.

Then it’s ‘Go Time’, you hear the dentist walking up the hallway and into the room ready to start treatment. Remember to take a deep breath, relax and then be ready to talk but also to listen because we all need to work as a team.

Whether you are here for your 6 monthly check up and clean or for a longer appointment such as a crown prep, the dentist and assistant do the very best they can to keep you comfortable and to use your time efficiently. We know that we are lovely people  and here to help you, but chances are the dentist is most likely not your favourite place to be.

So what can you do to help us?  Let’s start  at the beginning:

  • Arrive early to your appointment – this may be beneficial for all parties. You never know, we may need you to update your medical history or we could be running early.
  • Letting the DA know all concerns or any problems in when she chats to you – this allows us change our set up immediately if necessary, well before the dentist is even in the room.
  • Sitting still – this is an incredibly helpful thing that a patient can do from the numbing up right through to the finishing up. This is for your safety and for the dental professionals treating you. Sitting still and complying with the dentist’s requests reduces risks and puts everyone at ease – and that’s best for everyone, right? Over a long appointment you may need to take a break and rest your jaw – that is absolutely fine. Just raise your hand slowly and we can stop and chat about your needs.
  • Trust us – All types of dental treatments have very specific procedures to follow. While you are reclined in the dental chair, you may not be able to see what we are doing, so this is where trust comes into it. Rest assured, you can trust us to do the best of our ability to help you each and every time. You may be acutely aware of sounds and you can hear the dental assistant mixing, measuring and passing all types of special equipment and materials. Keeping still and trusting your CDP team will allow the DA to supply the dentist with all the necessary equipment smoothly and efficiently to get you the best result from your visit.
  • Communicate your needs – If at any time you are uncomfortable or even feeling a bit chilly, we can provide you with a neck pillow or blanket. Don’t be afraid to ask us – we all want to make your visit to us here at CDP as efficient and painless as possible, because we would love to see you again for your regular dental needs.

And remember – FLOSS LIKE A BOSS!

By Linda Jackson

Dental Assistant