At Chinchilla Dental Practice, we are pleased to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatments (braces). Although Dr Clarke and Dr Irwin are not orthodontist specialists, they have completed the comprehensive Progressive Orthodontics Training Seminars and have a particular passion for this field.

Phase 1 Treatment:

We provide Phase 1 treatment for children with a mix of adult and baby teeth if necessary. The types of orthodontic problems we treat at this early stage include:

  • Anterior and posterior cross-bites.
  • Severe jaw discrepancies
  • Severe crowding or loss of space.

The best age to assess the orthodontic situation of a child is usually around 8 years when the upper and lower permanent incisors have erupted.

Phase 2 Treatment:

Phase 2 treatment is provided for people with all their adult teeth (usually in their early teens). It involves braces being placed on the teeth for a period of 18 -36months depending on the difficulty. The timing of the treatment is determined by the development of the teeth and also the development of adult characteristics (e.g. puberty).

We have a comprehensive orthodontic handbook available for all our orthodontic patients detailing all the tips and tricks for the quickest and easiest orthodontic treatment here at CDP. When you come in for your initial consultation you will receive a handbook to take home and read to discover if orthodontic treatment is for you.

Express Orthodontics

We also offer Express Orthodontics for rapid and aesthetic adult treatment, for those who choose not to have comprehensive treatment. It may also be to retreat orthodontic relapse. This treatment usually involves tooth coloured brackets and treatment times of around 6 to 9 months.

The Process:

  1. All our orthodontic treatments start with a consultation and then if appropriate, an appointment to take comprehensive records.
  2. We then have a detailed consultation about the options available.
  3. Once you start your treatment, you will generally need to come in around once per month for adjustment visits.
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