CDP UPDATE – what’s happening?



This is just a quick note to say ‘hello’, an update and let you know what is happening lately at CDP.

Don, Gina and Joe are here to help…

Dr Don, Dr Gina and Dr Joe are available as usual to take care of your dental needs Monday to Friday with friendly care, dedication and precision. As you know Dr Gina is heading off with her last day December 6th. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement shortly regarding her replacement….

Prevention is Key, and don’t worry it’s gentle!

Oral Health Therapist Kylie Birch is very gentle with removing plaque and tartar at your regular Active Maintenance visit and one of our dentists will examine your mouth for early problems with teeth, gums and soft tissues.

We love kids at CDP!

Kylie is also fantastic with kids so she can provide treatment for your children. Remember that the Child Dental Benefits Scheme means eligi

ble kids can get up to $1000 worth of treatment every 2 years, so don’t put off their regular care. School dental vans can be great, but it’s

 fantastic to have a familiar face for your children to see each year at their regular dental home for their dental hygiene instr

uctions, orthodontic advice and clean. We then know their history and can customise their treatment needs accordingly.

We can help!

CDP can also provide orthodontic treatment, whitening, wisdom teeth removal, restore implants, cosmetic dentistry, make custom mouthguards and much more. We also offer interest free payments plans through My Smile Plan so please don’t put off dental treatment you really need until it’s too late.

Got pain?

Daily ‘toothache’ appointments are available each day so give us a call if you are in pain and we will do our best to relieve you of it as gently and efficiently as possible.


Thank you to our valued clients!

Thanks for supporting CDP over 67 years and we look forward to saying ‘hi’ in person soon.