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Don’t Hide Your Beautiful Smile

DON’T HIDE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE! Smiling is the universal language of happiness but sometimes we might  hide that smile behind our hands or try not to smile because we have gaps between our teeth or even missing teeth. The reasons can vary from your teeth not being in alignment or maybe you’ve had teeth extracted… Continue Reading

CDP UPDATE – what’s happening?

CDP UPDATE Hello This is just a quick note to say ‘hello’, an update and let you know what is happening lately at CDP. Don, Gina and Joe are here to help… Dr Don, Dr Gina and Dr Joe are available as usual to take care of your dental needs Monday to Friday with friendly… Continue Reading

Dental Health Week 2018

Watch Your Mouth! Dental Health week is next week and do you know what that means? CDP is going to be echoing with this year’s theme “Watch your mouth!”. Dental Health Week is a week-long event which will start on the 6th and end of the 12th of August. The Australian Dental Association’s holds this… Continue Reading

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Are baby teeth important? Baby teeth, milk teeth, deciduous teeth, primary teeth, it doesn’t matter what we call them but they are more important than you might think. It is a common misconception that they are “only baby teeth” and they are going to fall out anyway, so why bother looking after them or fixing… Continue Reading

Dental Statistics

DENTAL STATISTICS Here are some statistics about dental health in Australia that might interest you: Who is at risk? 30% of Australians currently go without regular dental care due to cost, unavailability of services and other barriers. More than one in three Australians delay or avoid dental treatment because they can’t afford it (that’s more… Continue Reading

Extractions 101: Tools of the Trade

Extractions 101: Tools of the Trade Extractions. This could be one of the most feared words by patients sitting in the chair (the other being needles). Whilst at CDP we aim to help our patients keep their teeth for as long as possible, sometimes there is just no other viable option. Maybe the financial cost… Continue Reading

What is CDBS?

What is CDBS? CDBS is an acronym that hopefully most people with eligible children will have heard; it stands for Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Under the CDBS scheme, eligible children aged 2-17 are entitled to claim up to $1000 per child to pay for dental services. The CDBS provides benefits for a range of dental services,… Continue Reading

Is your dental practice a safe place to go?

Is your dental practice a safe place to go and what is accreditation? If you are a patient at CDP, then I can answer a resounding YES! and I am about to tell about something called Accreditation and how it applies to dental practices like CDP. Going to the dentist is for some people can… Continue Reading