Back to Basics – Teeth brushing in 3 simple steps

Brushing your teeth:

It’s one thing that you do twice a day, 365 days a year – including Christmas and definitely Easter. But how much do you actually think about what you are doing? Most of us go into ‘auto’ mode and run the brush over our teeth maybe use a bit of mouthwash, thinking about the other things we need to do that day and missing half of our teeth surface.

So, let’s get back to basics…. To cover all areas of our teeth and surrounding gums there are 3 easy steps to follow.

Step 1 

The outside of the teeth (we call it the Buccal), aim your toothbrush where the gum meets the teeth and use little circles starting from your back tooth and coming forward along the gum line, continuing along your front teeth then switch over to the other side, using that same exact technique. Now focus on the actual teeth, using the same little circles work your way around the outside on the top teeth, then the same on the bottom teeth.

Step 2 

The biting surface (the Occlusal), this is nice and simple, just run your toothbrush back and forwards along the bitting surface of your top teeth, then your bottom ones. Don’t forget your front teeth too!

Step 3 

The inside (the Palatal or Lingual), is the same and the outside. Nice little circles at the gum line then on the teeth. On your front teeth, angle your brush vertical and with quick flicks, start at your gum and then up the tooth.


And that’s it! Nice and simple. 2 minutes, twice a day will have your CDP dentist saying hip hip hooray!

See the ADA website for more information on how to brush.

By Linda Jackson

Dental Assistant