Does my child have Chalky Teeth?

Have you ever heard someone say they have ‘chalky’ teeth?  At CDP it is certainly something people say quite regularly, but it can mean different things to different people. What does Chalky Teeth mean? I would like to tell you about a recognised developmental defect called Enamel Hypomineralisation (called Hypomin for short) which is sometimes… Continue Reading

Fun facts about teeth!

Holiday Fun Facts: As we all know humans differ from the animal kingdom in a lot of ways, and some ways we are very similar. Teeth are no exception. Below are some facts about human teeth and about animals’ teeth. HUMANS One third of your tooth is in your gum You get two sets of… Continue Reading

ASD and Dental Care at CDP

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dental Care What is ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  is classified as a life-long neurodevelopment disorder.  The disorder can influence behaviours including social skills, social development, cognitive development and communication. Repetitive behaviours and specific fixations can also occur with self injuring behaviours causing damage to the oral cavity, including gingival trauma… Continue Reading

Dental Injuries – when trauma strikes!

Dental Injuries Accidents can occur to anyone at any age. Accidents can often involve injury to the teeth, gums, jaw bone and /or lips. Collectively, these injuries are referred to as dental trauma or dental injuries. If you saw someone have a dental injury, would you know what to do? This blog will help to… Continue Reading

Active Maintenance

You need to come back for your Active Maintenance! Huh? Have you ever heard the words active maintenance used at Chinchilla Dental Practice? There’s a good chance you have. This term refers to your regular check-ups with your dentist and your oral hygiene check with your oral health therapist. For most people this is recommended… Continue Reading

Why are my teeth yellow?

Do you think your teeth are yellow? Do you cover your smile with your lips, hide your smile behind your hand or turn your head away from people when you talk to or smile at someone because you are embarrassed by the colour of your teeth? You are not alone, and something can be done… Continue Reading

Change nothing and nothing changes

If you change nothing, nothing changes. This little bit of wisdom can be applied to your oral health. Prevention is better than cure! Great oral hygiene, having a nutritious diet and living a healthy lifestyle are habits which make a huge impact on your overall well being.  We say many times a day that “prevention is… Continue Reading

Tongue Ties Explained

Tongue Ties and Oral Restrictions A major trend with new parents and in dentistry in recent times is early treatment of tongue and lip ties in infants. Parents want to do the best by their children, often struggle with breastfeeding at first , and can feel overwhelmed about what is “the right thing to do”. … Continue Reading

What’s Hand Hygiene to Us?

What’s hand hygiene to us? Around the dental practice hand hygiene is one of the most important parts of personal hygiene and one of the corner-stones of preventing the spread of infection. There are two ways we clean our hands: Non- touch tap hand washing technique       2. Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR).… Continue Reading

Please keep your braces clean

Teeth with braces need to be clean If you have braces on your teeth, you are not alone and you are definitely not the only person to work extra hard to keep them clean. But all your hard work is going to pay off! Let’s start with a little intro about braces (or orthodontics).  They… Continue Reading